Life stories from 70 Artists in Music and Theatre


Music moves us. It revives hidden feelings, fills voids, and gives us hope. For some it is a way of communicating with our ancestors, for others it is a gift from the gods.

Seventy voices from today’s world of music and theater share moments with us that are too splendid to not be told. They tell us about musical moments that shaped their lives—whether as an initial driving force at the beginning of or as a seminal impact during their careers. Artists of international repute bring the history of music and opera to life through their reminiscences, making it tangible for all of us. What made them try to gain a foothold in this profession? What motivated them to embrace music?

With its 440 photographs, this book, which is unique in its kind, highlights important milestones in the history of music that have also been formative for us. VOICES offers insights into the life stories of artists. Outstanding performers tell us about experiences with their colleagues, renowned personalities in the music and theater scene. And they also give us glimpses into their private realms: making music at home with their families, social backgrounds, and such sensitive themes as setbacks, fears, or long-yearned-for appreciation, and how they found the key to their voices. This impressive volume represents history from 1945 to the present, passed down by way of personal accounts.

The texts are based on conversations conducted by Christine Cerletti and Thomas Voigt during the pandemic in 2021/22, or they were written by the artists themselves. Choosing diverse approaches, they outline how the stage can become an emotional space. Their stories are musical history narrated from a personal perspective. The desire to share things is incredibly strong. What remains after the caesura established by the pandemic: (musical) theater is closeness.