Venturing away from the mainstream and commercially viable leads to isolation. That’s because artists receive no help in their quests to explore remote paths and avenues generally overlooked. Colla Parte takes different routes. Each time, in new ways. Always supporting, never directing. Exclusively: the path of the supported artist.

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About the Colla Parte Foundation

The Colla Parte Foundation gives support to outstanding persons in the field of classical music to pursue personal – and unconventional – paths in selected projects.

Akin to how an orchestra playing colla parte will match a soloist‘s performance in tempo and dynamics, the Foundation‘s assistance for artists is governed solely by their ‚melody‘, in effect, by their conceptions. Such a project might, for example, manifest itself as a recording, as further study, a performance or an educational venture. What’s important is that these are heartfelt desires whose fulfilment would otherwise be hard to realize for commercial reasons.

Artistic freedom always remains the primordial principle. It means that in any collaboration – in which the artist should always have the final say – artistic interests and decisions have priority. This lays the groundwork for extremely personalized and unique projects that will be freed from the constraints and requirements of the music business and the music industry. In case the artist expressly asks for it the Foundation actively contributes to questions of contents, be it by establishing a basic concept, be it by assistance in networking with additional creators of ideas and concepts.

Artistic relevance as well as acknowledged mastery and a demonstrated passion by the supported artist are the sole qualifying criteria. Economic considerations are irrelevant. But even here it is the artist being encouraged to seek out, find and travel his or her own path. The representatives of the Colla Parte Foundation will appreciate and uphold personal relations with supported artists, especially during an ongoing project, but also beyond.

A review and evaluation of every project forms its conclusion. Although external factors like reviews and visitor numbers are taken into account, the primary focus remains the artist‘s personal impressions and experiences.

The Colla Parte Foundation is structured as a purely operational foundation. Since it invests its budget exclusively in its own projects and activities, it does not accept applications for funding.

Foundation Board

Christine Cerletti

Foundation Board President

“I use my financially-privileged situation to provide support to different areas of society. I founded the Colla Parte Foundation because I consider culture in general to be an indispensable part of being human, and because of my extraordinarily strong interest in music. The Foundation is intended to facilitate the distinctive and unique in music.”

Hans-Georg Hofmann

Foundation Board Member

“All too often, promising cultural concepts and projects will fail to see the light of day. The reason: financial constraints due to cuts in public spending, the financial cost alone or a lack of courage. That’s why I love being part of the Colla Parte Foundation; it has artistic endeavor as its guiding principle.”

Jörg Honegger

Foundation Board Member

“Being able to make an active contribution to shaping cultural and especially musical life inspires me over and again. Having had long-standing experience in the field of foundations, I am able to make a significant contribution to the implementation of complex projects and their classification within legal frameworks. I very much cherish the enrichment that this involvement brings to my day-to-day legal work.”

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